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Single Epayment Authorization Form: Electronic Signature

July 11, 2018

For our policyholders’ and agents’ convenience, bank-account holders now can sign the Single Epayment Authorization form electronically (e.g., DocuSign, SignNow) or as part of your agency’s normal signature-collection process. They no longer are required to sign the form in the agent’s office. This will enable agents to submit electronic payments made on a policyholder’s behalf much easier and faster.

Note: The form still must be uploaded to the policy record in PolicyCenter®.

Payment Options

As a reminder, Citizens offers several other convenient payment options for policyholders:

  • Pay online via myPolicy
  • One-time payment from our website
  • Pay by phone (Personal Lines)
  • Pay by mail

For more information about these options, see the Payments page of the website.

Note: Citizens does not accept credit card payments because we are prohibited from passing the card company fees back to the cardholder.


Legal Disclaimer

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