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Who Needs to Register

Any individual who has contracted with a principal for payment to lobby Citizens must register as a lobbyist with Citizens. In addition, an employee of a principal must register if one of their main or most significant job responsibilities is overseeing their employer’s relationship with Citizens or serving as the employer’s contact with Citizens.

Lobbyists who represent multiple principals must list each principal they are authorized to represent before Citizens and must provide a signed Principal Authorization Form for each principal.

Attorneys or any other person representing a client in a specific judicial or administrative proceeding and communicating with Citizens regarding that specific representation do not need to register unless their representation goes beyond that specific case or issue and includes general policy matters or procurements

Updates and Renewals


Registrations will be effective through December 31, 2024. Lobbyist registration must be renewed on a yearly basis.


If any information related to your lobbyist registration changes before your next renewal date, you are required to update your information with Citizens within 15 days. This includes:

  • Adding or removing principals*
  • Principal name changes*
  • Business or contact information changes

To update your registration information, log in to the Lobbyist site and select the myLobbyist Account page. From here, you will be able to add/remove principals and update your business and contact information.

*You must provide a signed Principal Authorization Form for any additional principals or for any principal that undergoes a name change.

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Publicador de contenidos

To register as a lobbyist with Citizens, you'll need:

  • Name, firm and contact information
  • A working email*
  • Completed and signed Principal Authorization Form for each principal you are authorized to represent before Citizens
  • Information about any business association, partnership or financial relationship you have with any Citizens employee or Board member

* Citizens will send a confirmation email to complete the registration process. Do not begin lobbying activities until you receive the confirmation email.


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Login Instructions

Lobbyist Login Instructions

When you register as a lobbyist with Citizens, a myLobbyist account will be created for you on the Citizens website. You can use your myLobbyist account to update your registration information.

You can log in to the Lobbyists site from any page on the Citizens website.

  1. Select Login on the top right of your screen. You will be redirected to the Citizens Login page.
  2. Enter your Citizens username and password, then click Submit. You will be redirected to the Lobbyist site, which is identifiable by a grey header bar.

If at any time you would like to return to the Public site, you can do so by selecting Public from the My Sites drop-down menu at the top of any page.

Only registered Citizens lobbyists can access the Citizens Lobbyist site.