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Any lobbyist who represents a principal seeking to influence Citizens' policy and procurement decisions after September 1, 2018, is required to register with Citizens. Registered lobbyists and their principals will be entered in a publically searchable database on Citizens’ website.

Lobbyist Registration Policy

The Citizens Board of Governors approved the lobbyist registration policy in June 2018 as part of its efforts to improve transparency. The policy, which largely mirrors rules established for lobbyists representing principals before state executive branch agencies, requires that any lobbyist seeking to lobby Citizens must register with Citizens before communicating or contacting a member of the Citizens Board of Governors or an employee of Citizens. This excludes on-record presentations made at publicly noticed meetings.

Some Lobbying Examples

  • Seeking to influence the content of a Citizens’ request for proposals or specifications for the purchase of goods or services on behalf of a vendor or other entity, unless in regard to purchases under $20,000
  • Seeking to influence a Citizens decision on a proposed universal change to the terms and conditions of an insurance policy product on behalf of a principal through communications with Citizens personnel outside of a publicly noticed meeting
  • Seeking to influence Citizens on behalf of an entity with respect to corporate and Board of Governors policies.

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Lobbyist Search

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You can search Citizens’ registered lobbyist database by lobbyist first and last name, principal, and year.

  • To see all results, leave all fields blank
  • To narrow results, enter multiple fields
  • Searching by principal will show all lobbyists registered for that principal.
  • Searching by year will show all lobbyists registered for that year.

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