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Coverage For Your Home and Business

Because no two properties are alike, Citizens offers a variety of policies tailored to help property owners protect homes and businesses of many shapes and sizes that meet Citizens’ eligibility criteria when coverage cannot be found in the private market. 

Whether you’re looking to insure your first home or protect a complex of multilevel office buildings, there may be a policy type that fits your individual needs.

Basic Coverage Types


Covers buildings and individual apartments or condos used primarily as single-family dwellings


Covers businesses and homeowners associations, as well as large multiunit condominium buildings used for commercial or residential purposes

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Wind-Only Policies

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Wind-Only Policies

Wind-only policies are available in certain areas of the state when all eligibility requirements are met. Wind-only policies cover only damage from hail and wind storms, such as hurricanes and tropical storms.


Personal Residential Wind-Only Policies

  • Homeowners (HW-2)
  • Tenant/Renters Contents (HW-4)
  • Condominium Unit Owners (HW-6)
  • Dwelling (DW-2)
  • Mobile Homes (MW-2)
  • Mobile Home Dwelling (MD-1)

Commercial Wind-Only Policies

  • Commercial Residential (CR-W)
  • Commercial Nonresidential (CNR-W)