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The Florida Market Assistance Plan (FMAP) is a free and convenient service that can help you find insurance coverage for your Florida home, rental and vacation property. It works by matching you with agents who are able to secure coverage from Florida-authorized insurance companies writing policies in your area.* It was authorized by the Florida Legislature in 1985.

How it Works

Once you register a Property Quote Request, your information is provided to participating agents interested in helping you find coverage for your home. Agents who think they can help you will contact you with information and quotes from Florida-authorized insurance companies interested in covering your home. Agents who receive your information through FMAP cannot place your policy with Citizens.

FMAP does not provide direct insurance quotes or lists of agents or insurance companies.

What You’ll Need

When you register with FMAP, you’ll be asked to provide basic information about your property. Most of the necessary information can be found through the following resources:

If you are an agent, let FMAP help you find new clients and expand your business.

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Registering with FMAP is as easy as:

  1. Provide your property details.
    • Take a short questionnaire about your property.
    • Your information must be accurate to match you with agents. If you're unsure how to answer the questions, check your current insurance policy or county property appraiser's office.
  2. Provide your contact information.
  3. Submit your Property Quote Request.
    • Licensed agents will contact you to discuss your coverage options.

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