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Loss Inspection

Claim Inspection Options during COVID-19

Claim Inspection Options during COVID-19

Citizens is taking every precaution to ensure our ability to safely inspect your home following a storm during COVID-19. Our adjusters have been instructed to wear a mask during any interior inspections and will ask you about any potential exposure or possible symptoms before your inspection.

Interior inspections are not always needed. If an interior inspection of your home is required and you are not comfortable allowing an adjuster into your home, several options are available. Discuss these options when your adjuster calls to schedule your inspection:

  • Your adjuster can inspect the exterior of your home and reschedule your interior inspection for a later date when you are more comfortable allowing the adjuster into your home.
  • Citizens can help you perform a remote inspection in which you self-document any interior damage, take photos and email the information to Citizens.
  • Your adjuster can help you document your claim through photos, video and audio via an app on your smart device.

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After you report your claim, your Citizens claims adjuster will contact you to schedule a property-loss inspection. At your inspection, your adjuster will:

  • Review your loss
  • Collect any necessary photos, receipts and estimates

Before Your Inspection

  • Copy and label your property damage photos.
  • Collect and copy your original temporary repair receipts.
  • Keep and protect any damaged items or parts of damaged items or equipment that may have contributed to your claim (example: toaster that caught fire and damaged your kitchen cabinets).
  • Locate your current mortgage loan number and mortgagee clause/address. This information is on your current mortgage statement, or you can call your mortgage company. This information is required and will assist Citizens in processing your loss payment check accurately and without unnecessary delay.
  • Make sure pets are in a safe place and out of the way of the adjuster.

For your safety, when the adjuster arrives to complete the loss inspection, ask for and check the adjuster’s ID.

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Update Your Claim

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If you need to provide Citizens with additional information or documentation related to your claim following your loss investigation, you can send it to Citizens in any of the following ways:

Citizens Property Insurance Corporation
P.O. Box 19700
Jacksonville, FL 32245-9700

Include your full name, claim number and policy number on any documentation submitted to Citizens.

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Claim Review

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Once the inspection of your property has been completed, a Citizens claims examiner will review your policy to confirm your coverage and deductibles.

If there is covered damage to your property and the amount of loss is greater than your deductible, your claims examiner will submit the claim for payment and check processing.

If your policy does not cover the specified damage to your property, Citizens will contact you to discuss this decision and will send you a written report that explains the decision in detail.