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Claim Payments

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Once Citizens completes your claim and evaluation, payment will be issued for the agreed upon estimate.

If the actual cost of repairs or replacement turns out to be more than the original estimate, call Citizens at 866.411.2742. Your adjuster will be more than happy to review and address your concerns.

Ensure Timely Payments

  • If your name, mailing address or mortgage company has changed, notify your agent immediately. Payment can be delayed if this information does not match the information currently on file with Citizens.
  • Banks require that all payees (including any mortgage company) listed on the check endorse (sign) the check.
  • Citizens will mail your claim check to your current mailing address. If you have been displaced, ensure that Citizens has your correct mailing address on file. Citizens does not electronically transfer funds or send settlement checks via overnight service.

If You Have a Mortgage

If your property is mortgaged, Citizens is required to include the name of your mortgage company as a payee on your claim payment. Ask your mortgage company about its procedures for endorsing your claim check.

If Citizens has incorrect information about you, the lienholder or mortgage company, this may delay the settlement of your claim. If there are any changes (including names and mailing addresses), notify Citizens or your agent immediately. Provide any required documentation in order to process the change request.

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Deductible Types

All Other Perils (AOP)

Applies for damage caused by covered perils other than named hurricanes

  • Fixed dollar amount
  • Increased and decreased deductible options may be available.

Other Windstorm (Wind-Only policies)

Applies for damage caused by a windstorm (tropical storm, tornado or hail) that is not a named hurricane

  • Generally a fixed dollar amount. May be percentage-based for commercial policies.
  • Increased and decreased deductible options may be available. Deductibles cannot be changed for a claim after the loss occurs.
  • Multiperil policies cover Other Windstorm damage under the AOP deductible.


Applies for damages caused by a named hurricane.

  • Generally based on a percentage of the home’s total insured value. For certain policies, this may be a fixed dollar amount. For example, a $500 deductible is available for homes with a total insured value of less than $100,000.
  • Increased and decreased deductible options may be available.


Applies for covered damage caused by sinkholes

  • Typically 10 percent of the insured structure's total insured value (Coverage A). May vary by contract.
  • Policies with Sinkhole Loss coverage only

Consult your policy or agent to confirm your policy’s specific coverages and deductibles.