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2024: A Look Ahead for Citizens Policyholders

diciembre 04, 2023

A Year of Change: Rates, Legislative Changes, Private Options

Policyholders should review and consider all their options as new rates and requirements kick in for new and existing Citizens customers.
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Two people viewing depopulation information on computer

Depopulation Activity Increasing as Market Improves

As Florida's insurance market improves, private insurance companies are expected to continue making offers to Citizens policyholders. Here's how to stay informed.

New Flood Requirements Begin January 1

Most Citizens policyholders will be required to carry flood insurance under legislative reforms to be phased in over four years. Find out when you may be impacted.
Person reviewing flood documents at desk
People gathered around food table with candles

Keep Celebrations Festive – Avoid Holiday Hazards

Don't let preventable hazards ruin your holidays. Follow these practical tips to stay safe while you celebrate with family and friends.

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