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Citizens Is Ready: 2023 Hurricane Season

junio 01, 2023

Be Ready for Hurricane Season

Along with gathering batteries and bottled water, take a look outside your home as you prepare to ensure you’re ready when the wind blows.
Person outside trimming back bushes/trees.
Person installing hurricane strength windows

Matching Funds Available for Hurricane Upgrades - Don't Miss Out!

Up to $10,000 in matching grants are available to harden your home under $100 million state effort through the My Safe Florida Home program. Apply now!

We Are Ready – How to Find Us After a Catastrophe

Citizens sends a well-trained team to staff mobile Catastrophe Response Centers following a storm. Here’s how to find us when you need us.
Citizens Catastrophe Response Center
Flooded neighborhood and streets

Updates to Flood Coverage Law Bring More Changes

Recent legislative changes remove flood coverage requirements for some Citizens policyholders. Talk with your agent to see if coverage still makes sense.

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