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Sinkhole Inspections

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Do You Need a Sinkhole Inspection?

Citizens requires a sinkhole inspection for home and business owners seeking optional Sinkhole Loss coverage* who meet either of the following criteria:

  • Answers Yes to any of the application’s sinkhole-related questions on the Sinkhole Loss Coverage Renewal Endorsement Request form
  • Property is located in the following counties:
Alachua Manatee Seminole
Citrus Marion Sumter
Hamilton Pasco Suwannee
Hernando Pinellas Wakulla
Hillsborough Polk Washington

Adding Sinkhole Coverage to Your Policy

Contact your agent to request Sinkhole Loss coverage. When an inspection is required, Sinkhole Loss coverage will not be issued until the inspection has been conducted and Citizens reviews and approves the inspections results.

Because sinkhole Loss coverage may not be added after a policy term has begun, policyholders who want to add this coverage at renewal are encouraged to inform their agent as soon as possible prior to their policy renewal.

Eligibility Determination

Once the sinkhole inspection has been performed, the inspection company will provide Citizens and you with a copy of the report. Citizens will review the inspection findings and determine whether the property is eligible for Sinkhole Loss coverage. In most cases, you will receive a decision within 45 days of the date the inspection was ordered.

Learn more about Sinkhole Loss coverage and claims.

*Coverage for Catastrophic Ground Cover Collapse is included in certain Citizens policies; however, coverage for gradual subsidence sinkhole damage is optional for most policy types. Consult your policy documents for details about the specific coverage available under your policy.

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