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Wind Mitigation Inspections

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Protecting Your Home Can Save You Money

Protecting your home and property is important to your peace of mind. In Florida, that protection should include features to prevent wind damage.

In a hurricane or other severe storms, homes are battered by heavy wind. Wind-damage mitigation features protect against wind damage by helping your home withstand these forces. Documenting the presence of qualifying mitigation features on your home through a wind mitigation inspection may save you money by helping you qualify for mitigation discounts on your insurance policy.

Common Wind-Damage Mitigation Features

  • Doors and windows designed to withstand wind pressure and projectiles
  • Storm shutters or panels that protect your windows and other openings from wind, rain and projectiles
  • Roofing materials and coverings that are rated are rated to resist high winds and water intrusion
  • Attachments for walls and roofs that are specially designed to prevent the roof from being blown off by severe winds
  • Roof and building shapes that are more resistant to high winds

Documenting the presence of these features on your home through a wind mitigation inspection conducted by an authorized wind mitigation inspector may save you money by qualifying you for wind-mitigation discounts on your policy. 

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