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Citizens makes purchases through a government procurement process that ensures ethical, competitive bidding and full compliance with Citizens' Policy and Florida Statutes.

  • Competitive quotes are used to purchase goods and services valued at $2,500 to $34,999.
  • Competitive solicitations are used for purchases valued at or more than $35,000. Visit our Solicitations page to view current solicitations.
  • Contracts sources made available by the Florida Department of Management Services are frequently used by Citizens.


Vendor Registration

Vendors can register with Citizens to be notified about bidding opportunities that might be of interest. Citizens notifies registered vendors when a bidding opportunity matches the goods and/or services they are interested in providing.

You’ll need the following information to register with Citizens, if applicable:

  • Incorporation information
  • Florida Department of State/Division of Corporations document number
  • Company information, including Florida Certified Business Entity certification information
  • Contact information

If you are unsure whether your firm is registered with Citizens, search our Vendor Directory. If your firm already is listed and you need to change your contact information, email

If you decide to register using a Social Security Number (SSN) instead of an FEIN, read the SSN Notice for Vendors document.

Are you registering to provide Citizens with Claims Services? See contact information for firms contracted with Citizens to perform Independent Adjusting, Field Inspection and Fast Track Claims Services.

Lobbyist Registration

Any person who represents a principal seeking to influence Citizens’ policy and procurement decisions is required to register as a lobbyist with Citizens. If you are employed by a Citizens’ vendor, you must register as a lobbyist with Citizens if you meet both of the following criteria:

  • You are employed by the vendor and one of your main or most significant job responsibilities is overseeing the Citizens contract
  • You will engage in up-selling or attempts to otherwise persuade Citizens to buy additional goods or services not included in the purchase order

Lobbyist Registration Requirements for Vendor Employees
Vendor-Lobbyist FAQs

Vendor Login

Once registered, you do not need to contact Citizens. You automatically will be notified about bidding opportunities that match the goods or services you provide.

Once you have registered with Citizens, you can login below to update your vendor information.

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Learn More

B2B Centerpoint Resources

Centerpoint Resources

Centerpoint allows registered vendors to self-manage your Citizens vendor account. You can update your contact information, and view your company profile, purchase orders and payments. Additional functionality will be added over time. For assistance logging into Centerpoint, registered vendors should contact

Add New Contact
Edit Contact Information
Password Reset
Vendor Registration Instructions
View Contracts and Financial Documents

ACH Electronic Payments Now Available

Automated Clearing House (ACH) electronic payments now are available for vendor payments. ACH payments allow funds to be deposited directly into vendor bank accounts, cutting down on payment processing and mailing time. Additional information about how to register for this valuable service is below:

ACH Electronic Payment Setup Instructions
ACH Electronic Payment Authorization Form

Category Name

In an effort to better identify vendors providing needed services, we recently replaced vendor commodity codes with category names in our vendor registration system. All registered vendors have been assigned category names. A complete list of category names and instructions for reviewing and changing your assigned category name are available below. For additional assistance, contact

Centerpoint Category Code Instructions
Category Name - Full List