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After a Loss

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After a Loss

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Your Safety Is Our First Priority

If your property is unsafe, do not try to enter your home. Please allow our trained adjusters to inspect and assess the damage to your home.

Don’t Wait to Report Your Claim

Even if you don’t know the full extent of the damages, report your claim to Citizens as soon as you become aware of or suspect damage. A Citizens adjuster will contact you to discuss your loss and arrange an inspection of your property.

Next Steps

Document the Damage

To prevent further damage, you may need to make temporary repairs to your home. Before you make any repairs or remove any damaged contents from your home:

  • Prepare a list of lost and damaged items using our Personal Property Inventory form. (Excel) (Word) (PDF) (Example)
  • Keep any damaged items in a safe location so the adjuster can complete an inspection of those items.
  • Take photos to document the damage. Provide these photos to your adjuster to document your claim.

Citizens has to inspect damages to determine reasonable repairs.

Prevent Further Damage

If safety and common sense allow, take steps to prevent further property damage by making temporary repairs wherever possible.

  • It may be necessary to complete emergency repairs to prevent further damages. These may include turning off broken water supply lines, boarding up broken windows, placing a tarp on a damaged roof or having standing water removed from the home to start the drying process. Remember that your adjuster must inspect your home and authorize any permanent tear out, removal or repair of items, before they are completed.
  • Your claim adjuster will estimate the damage to your home or business, but sometimes it may be necessary for experts, such as an engineer or specialized contractor, to inspect the damage with our adjusters. You are also welcome to obtain your own contractors estimate and provide these to the adjuster for review.

Keep Your Receipts

  • Request and copy original receipts for all purchases or services needed to make temporary emergency repairs.
  • Save receipts for any additional living expenses you incur while your home is uninhabitable due to a covered loss.
  • Save the copies for your personal records, and give the original receipts to your adjuster. They will review the receipts and determine coverage for reimbursement under your policy.

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Managed Repair Program Blurb

Managed Repair Program

When your home is damaged, you want relief fast so life can get back to normal. The Managed Repair Program helps customers with eligible policies get back on their feet by providing valuable emergency and permanent repair services following water loss not caused by weather. The program includes free water removal and drying services for water losses not caused by weather and can connect you with local contractors who are licensed and insured, and agree to comply with Citizens' established service protocols for permanent repairs. Learn More.

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Additional Living Expense Coverage

Some homeowners policies provide additional living expense (ALE) coverage, which helps pay for expenses incurred because your home has been deemed unlivable due to a covered loss. ALE provides coverage for the increase in costs over your normal expenses if a covered loss makes your home unlivable. This can include expenses for food, a place to live or other costs associated with maintaining your household.

Accurate receipt documentation is required. Make copies of these receipts for your records and provide the originals to your adjuster for review.

ALE coverage is limited and varies by policy type. Your adjuster can provide details about coverage. Check with your agent for more information about ALE coverage.

Request Claims Documents

Request Claim Documents

You can request claims documents by selecting Records Request > Claims Documents under Email Us on our Contact Us page. Additional instructions are available in our FAQs.

Claim Payments

Once Citizens completes your claim and evaluation, payment will be issued for the agreed upon estimate.