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Sinkhole Loss Coverage

Citizens offers Sinkhole Loss coverage as an optional endorsement for the following policies:

  • Homeowners (HO-3)
  • Modified Homeowners (HO-8)
  • Dwelling Property (DP-1 and DP-3), with Building coverage

Tenant contents, condominium and mobile home policies automatically include Sinkhole Loss coverage.

Catastrophic Ground Cover Collapse Coverage

Sinkhole Loss coverage protects homeowners from structural damage to their home resulting from confirmed sinkhole activity. Sinkhole Loss coverage is different from Catastrophic Ground Cover Collapse coverage, which automatically is included in most Citizens policies.

Catastrophic Ground Cover Collapse coverage applies only when geological activity results in all of the following conditions:

  • Abrupt collapse of ground cover
  • A depression in the ground cover that is clearly visible to the naked eye
  • Structural damage to the building, including the foundation
  • Condemnation of the structure and order by government authorities that it be vacated

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Sinkhole Inspections

Since 2006, more than 15,000 sinkhole-related claims have been reported to Citizens.

To protect our policyholders from the rising costs of Sinkhole Loss coverage, Citizens requires sinkhole inspections when property owners request optional Sinkhole Loss coverage for properties that meet certain conditions. Learn more about sinkhole inspections and when they may be required.

Policies that do not qualify for Sinkhole Loss coverage still may be eligible for regular Citizens coverage, which includes coverage for catastrophic ground cover collapse.

Sinkhole Claims

Florida law imposes specific requirements on insurers and policyholders for resolving a sinkhole claim. Learn more about the sinkhole investigation and repair processes.