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Policyholder Newsletter June 2021

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Hurricane Preparedness

junio 01, 2021

From the President

Welcome to the Citizens Policyholder Newsletter, a quarterly offering you may find useful as a new or longtime Citizens customer and one of the millions who call Florida home throughout the year.
President Barry Gilway
Hurricane Preparedness

Hurricane Season Is Here: Are You Ready?

The 2021 Atlantic hurricane season is here. Are you prepared? Here's some helpful tips, including some that may surprise you. (Does your chosen shelter take pets?)

myPolicy: Take Control!

Want to take more control of your policy and claims handling? Register for myPolicy, and Call Citizens First to report a claim.
Clean-up Hazards

Food for Thought

You are what you eat! Here are some tips to ensure the food you eat and water you drink after a storm won't knock you off your feet.

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