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Hurricane Preparedness
From the President
President Barry Gilway

Welcome to the first issue of Citizens’ Policyholder Newsletter, a quarterly offering we hope you will find useful as a Citizens customer, an insurance consumer and one of the millions who call Florida home for at least part of the year.

Property insurance can be complicated. Part of our goal is to give you a little more insight into how insurance works and how it affects you on an individual level. The market is changing quickly and it’s easy to get confused. We plan to keep you informed about Citizens as well as provide perspective into larger trends across the insurance industry that sometimes make the headlines.

With hurricane season upon us, the first few issues will focus on hurricane preparedness and response. We’ll provide coverage reminders, contact information and tips to benefit both longstanding customers and many of you who are first-time Citizens policyholders or returning to us from a private carrier.

We won’t always be so serious. We’ll attempt to spruce it up with some lighter fare: In this issue, we’ve assembled some recipes that don’t require cooking or can be easily whipped up on a barbecue grill, camp stove or fire pit if you happen to find yourself without power following a storm.

We wish you an enjoyable and safe summer as you return to doing more of the things that make Florida such a great place to live. Our Citizens team will be there when you need us.

Barry Gilway
Citizens President, CEO and Executive Director

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