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When you need Florida property insurance coverage and can’t obtain it in the private market, Citizens is here to help.

Citizens Eligibility Requirements

Under Florida law, Citizens may write a new insurance policy only for property that meets one of the following eligibility criteria:

  • Coverage is not available from a Florida-authorized insurance company
  • Premiums for coverage from Florida-authorized insurance companies are more than 20 percent higher than the premiums for comparable coverage from Citizens

Only appointed Citizens agents can help you purchase a Citizens policy. The Citizens Agent Look-Up tool can help you find an authorized Citizens agent near you.

Find Private-Market Coverage

As the Florida insurance market has improved over the last several years, an increasing number of property owners have been able to obtain property insurance in the private market.

Why is this good for you? Private-market policyholders often have more coverage options and less restrictive coverage than can be purchased from Citizens. The following resources can help you find agents and Florida-authorized companies doing business in your area:

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A local Citizens agent is just a click away! Enter one or more search terms in the boxes below to find a Citizens agent near you.

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