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Visiting Your Agent

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Be Prepared

When shopping for insurance, being prepared can save you time and money. Before visiting your Citizens-appointed agent, it will be helpful to gather as much of the following basic information that applies to your home and property as you can:

What You'll Need

Basic Features

  • Construction type
  • Construction year
  • Town house - number of units
  • Number of rooms
  • Room types
  • Total living area (square feet)

Fire Protection Distance

  • Nearest hydrant
  • Responding fire department

Major System Updates

  • Electrical
  • Heating/cooling (HVAC)
  • Plumbing


  • Front/Back of house
  • Outbuildings

Roof information

  • Condition
  • Covering material
  • Date of last update
  • Roof shape

Specialty Features

  • Alarm/fire system
  • Home business information
  • Nearby water - name/distance
  • Pool/spa

Wind-Damage Mitigation

  • Known features
  • Documentation

If you don’t have all of the information above, don’t worry. Your agent can gather certain information and direct you to where other information may be found. Your agent also will be able to help you determine which inspections, if any, will be necessary for the coverage you are seeking.

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The Property Insurance Clearinghouse is an innovative program that explores private market insurance coverage for consumers who believe Citizens may be their only insurance option.

The clearinghouse program:

  • May include more personalized and comprehensive coverage options than what is available through Citizens
  • Compares private-market offers that may cost less than comparable coverage from Citizens
  • Gives customers who receive private-market offers the opportunity to reduce their assessment risks in comparison to Citizens policyholders

To comply with the clearinghouse program required by Florida law, agents should use one of the following to determine if the new-business risk is eligible for coverage with a private market insurer:

  • A comparative rater
  • Quotes or declination of coverage received directly from private market carriers