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Commercial Lines Updates

To better assist agents with the underwriting process, Citizens would like to reiterate the following information regarding repairs to Commercial Lines properties with existing damage, transient occupancy eligibility, loss costs for commercial properties not eligible for class rates and uploading the signed application once the submission is approved.

Existing Damage

Buildings with existing damage are not eligible for coverage with Citizens as outlined in Rule 103-14, Ineligible Risks of the Underwriting Guidelines. Any exceptions to this rule must be reviewed by Underwriting to determine eligibility regarding the overall extent and intent to repair.

For properties undergoing concrete restoration, if the risk meets all of the following requirements, an underwriter will review the submission to determine eligibility:

  • A licensed engineer must certify the building as habitable and structurally sound.
  • Repairs must be estimated to be completed in less than 12 months following the desired effective date.
  • Fifty percent (50%) or more of the repairs must have already been completed.
  • An existing damage waiver must have been signed, highlighting the restoration work because existing damage is not covered.

The following items should be provided with the submission for review:

  • Engineering reports and/or contractor statements with the specific areas still needing repairs
  • Scheduled date of repair, such as expected start date and expected completion date
  • Current photographs of any unrepaired areas
  • Current photographs of the repaired areas
  • Percentage of the project completed

Transient Occupancy Eligibility

Per Florida Statute, residential condominiums are ineligible for new wind-only coverage if 50% or more of the units are rented more than eight times in a calendar year for a rental agreement period of less than 30 days.

The following are the rules for transient exposures per product line:

Commercial Residential Multiperil (CR-M)

  1. Buildings or Business Personal Property located in any condominium, apartment, cooperative or HOA building with transient public lodging exposure, unless 25% or less of the total number of units in the building are used for transient purposes

Transient means rented to guests more than three times in a calendar year for periods of less than 30 days or one calendar month, whichever is less, or held out to the public as a place regularly rented out to guests for periods of less than 30 days.

Commercial Residential Wind-Only (CR-W)

  1. Buildings or Business Personal Property located in any apartment, cooperative or Homeowners Association (HOA) building with transient public lodging exposure, unless 25% or less of the total number of units in the building are used for transient purposes;
  2. Buildings or business personal property located in any residential condominium with 50% or more of the units rented more than eight times in a calendar year under a rental agreement for a period of less than 30 days

Risks exceeding the thresholds above may be eligible in the nonresidential programs subject to the applicable maximum limits of the program.

Loss Costs Quotes

Loss costs quotes are required for commercial properties not eligible for Group I class rates. Specific rates are based on loss costs developed by the Insurance Services Office (ISO/Verisk) based on inspection of the property and application of rating schedules. If specific rates are not available at the time of application, tentative rates will be applied until the inspection can be completed.

Citizens accepts ISO/Verisk quotes up to five years old. Any quotes older than five years will need to be updated. If an agent needs to retrieve a loss cost quote for their submission, they may contact ISO/Verisk at 800.444.4554 or 800.888.4476. Citizens is not responsible for the cost associated with obtaining the reports.

Properties ineligible for class rates include those in which sprinklers have been installed in the building or certain occupancies (Class Statistical Plan [CSP] codes for the type of business conducted) that are subject to additional eligibility requirements due to:

  • The presence of cooking or limited cooking on the premises
  • The square footage of the building or combustibility of the structure

For commercial nonresidential policies, if you are unable to find a CSP code for the specific occupancy, please call Underwriting.

Signed Application

In addition to payment, an uploaded, signed application is required within 10 business days of the policy acceptance or 10 days after the coverage effective date, whichever is later. Per the Agent Appointment Agreement, the agent understands and agrees that full compliance with underwriting submission requirements is critical to meeting their responsibilities to Citizens. Failure to meet this requirement may result in adverse action being taken on the policy.


For more information, agents and credentialed agency staff can log in to the Agents site to review resources to help you service your customers:

Legal Disclaimer

Citizens provides agent communications online for historical purposes only, and the communications have not been updated to include any changes that may have been made after publication. Agents can find the latest information by reviewing the applicable underwriting manuals, and by logging in and accessing our FAQs, which are available from the top of any page on our website.