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Increased Fees for Sinkhole Inspections

September 11, 2018

Due to fee increases from Citizens’ third-party sinkhole inspectors, effective August 22, 2018, we have increased the fee for sinkhole inspections that are required to verify eligibility.

The inspection fees outlined below are split evenly between Citizens and the applicant. They are not refundable regardless of Citizens' underwriting decision.

Commercial Nonresidential Multiperil (CNR-M) and Commercial Residential Multiperil (CR-M)

The applicant must pay 50 percent of the inspection fee for the building type:

Type of Sinkhole Inspection
Total Fee
Type 1
Three stories or fewer, 5+ units
Per building
Type 2
Four to six stories
Per building
Type 3
Seven or more stories
Per hour


For more details about sinkhole inspections, log into the Agents site, and:

  • Select Programs Sinkholes Sinkhole Inspections
  • See the Sinkhole Loss Exposure section of the Sinkhole Loss Coverage Request endorsement (CIT SLC 07 14) for CNR-M and CR-M risks. Select Commercial CNR-M or CR-M and then scroll down to the endorsement.
  • Select Search Search Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), and enter sinkhole inspection or sinkhole inspection fee into the search field.

Citizens also has policyholder resources on the Public site. Select Insurance Programs Sinkholes Sinkhole Inspections.

Legal Disclaimer

Agent Bulletins are provided for historical purposes only and have not been updated to include any changes that may have been made after publication. Agents can find the latest information by reviewing the applicable underwriting manuals and by logging in, then selecting Search → Search Frequently Asked Questions