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Personal Lines Bulletin

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Valuations for Mobile Homes and Manufactured Homes

The cost estimator in PolicyCenter® has been updated with new National Automobile Dealers Association pricing for mobile and manufactured homes.

The new pricing primarily affects values in the estimator’s Supplemental Value Section, which the estimator automatically selects when the manufacturer or trade name is not available or unknown. In most cases, these values will be higher and may increase the actual cash value of the home.

Agents can review previously selected options to determine whether any changes are appropriate. Submit a policy change if necessary.

Note: The updated pricing does not automatically affect renewals.


Log in to the Agents site to access:

  • The Cost Estimator Reference Guide on the Personal Lines page, which can be accessed by selecting Training → Personal Lines
  • Our frequently asked questions found under the Search menu at the top of each webpage. Search on +cost +estimator.

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