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Electronic Commission Deposit

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Electronic Commission Deposit

Electronic Commission Deposit

Terms and Conditions

Completing the Agreement

The Direct Deposit Authorization must be completed in its entirety. Citizens reserves the right to contact the agency to obtain additional information prior to processing.

Processing of Agreement

The changes reflected in this Direct Deposit Authorization will not take effect until it is processed. Once this authorization has been processed, the agency will receive a confirmation email. Any payments remitted before that time will be remitted in the same manner as they have been prior to this authorization.

Accuracy of Information

The accuracy of the information provided regarding the bank account and bank routing number is very important. The agency understands that it is the agency’s responsibility to provide this information to Citizens.

Changes to your Information

It is the agency’s responsibility to provide Citizens any updates relating to the bank account. If there is a change in account information (such as change to the account name, bank account number or transit-routing number) the agency principal or agency principal designee of the agency must complete a new Direct Deposit Authorization and check Change under Action Requested.

Payments to Agency

Once this Direct Deposit Authorization is processed, all payments from Citizens to the agency will be directly deposited to the bank account.

Limitation of Liability

Agency understands and agrees that Citizens will not be responsible for any loss that may arise solely by reason of error, mistake or fraud regarding information provided on this form.