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Flood Coverage Requirements Coming

March 31, 2023

Flood Insurance Coverage Rules Kick In for Citizens

Recent legislative reforms phase in flood insurance requirements for new and existing customers. Your agent can help you navigate the new rules.
Neighborhood flooded
Governor Ron Desantis signing a historic package of insurance reforms

Special Session Brings Positive Changes for Property Insurance Industry

To stabilize Florida’s property insurance market, lawmakers have made several changes impacting Citizens policyholders. Here’s a rundown of what’s coming up.

Take Care of the Clutter. Go Paperless with Citizens!

Clear up the clutter in your mailbox by opting in to paperless delivery of your Citizens policy. We've made it easy through myPolicy.
Person using smart phone while sitting in front of computer
Timothy M. Cerio, President/CEO and Executive Director

New Chapter Begins at Citizens with Change at the Top

Citizens’ Board of Governors taps Tim Cerio, former General Counsel and Chief Legal Officer, to lead the company following the retirement of Barry Gilway.

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