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Citizens is committed to helping its policyholders find coverage in the private market. As required by Florida law, Citizens' Depopulation Program matches Citizens policyholders with insurance companies interested in removing their policy from Citizens and providing private-market coverage for their policy. All companies assuming policies from Citizens have been approved by the Office of Insurance Regulation (OIR).

Citizens offers depopulation programs for personal and commercial lines. Additional information is available on the following pages:

Personal Lines

Review detailed information about the Personal Lines Depopulation Program.

Commercial Lines

Review detailed information about the Commercial Lines Depopulation Program.

Depopulation Resources

Review general sample letters & forms, brochures, and other important resources for the Depopulation Program.

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Be sure to consider the following information carefully when discussing the advantages of the offer with your agent. 


Citizens policyholders can be required to pay an assessment if Citizens does not have the resources to pay claims following a major hurricane or series of storms. This assessment, which would be imposed only if Citizens incurs significant losses, could be significant. Private-market policyholders can be subject to paying a much lower assessment amount.

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Coverage Comparisons

More comprehensive property insurance coverage may be available to you in the private market. Valuable coverage comparisons are available from the Office of Insurance Regulation.


Florida law requires that Citizens submit renewal policies to its Property Insurance Clearinghouse to determine whether private-market coverage is available. If the clearinghouse identifies a comparable private-market offer with a premium equal to or less than your Citizens premium, your Citizens policy will be nonrenewed. Rejecting a takeout offer will not exempt you from the clearinghouse. 

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