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Additional Surcharges

In addition to the Citizens Policyholder Surcharge, the following additional surcharges and assessments or other adjustments may be applied to a Citizens policy.

Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund Assessment

Emergency assessment that can be levied to restore the capacity of the Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund (FHCF) if the revenue generated from premiums is insufficient. This assessment is paid by all Florida insurers.

Catastrophe Financing Surcharge

This surcharge applies only to Personal and Commercial wind-only policies.

Catastrophe Protection Surcharge

An adjustment to commissionable premium that applies only to Personal multiperil policies.

Emergency Management Preparedness and Assistance Trust Fund (EMPA)

Provides for emergency management preparedness, communication and training.

  • Personal Residential Multiperil policies – $2 surcharge
  • Commercial Residential and Nonresidential Multiperil policies – $4 surcharge

State Fire Marshall Regulatory Surcharge

A 0.1 percent surcharge on all Florida Commercial Multiperil policies. It pays for fire and hazardous waste cleanup training for fire departments throughout the state.

Tax-Exempt Surcharge

Insurers are required to collect a state tax for each policy they write in Florida. Although Citizens is a tax-exempt entity, this 1.75 percent surcharge is required by law so Citizens can maximize financial resources to pay claims.

Florida Insurance Guaranty Association Assessment (FIGA)

Generates revenue to pay outstanding claims of insolvent Florida insurance companies