Evacuation Basics

Plan ahead

Know your evacuation zone, local shelter locations and evacuation routes before storm season arrives.

Understand Evacuation Orders

  • Recommended evacuation – Conditions may be dangerous.
  • Mandatory evacuation – Conditions are serious. Florida law requires you leave impacted areas.

Prepare Your Pets

Identify pet-friendly shelters, and take a pet emergency bag. Pack any pet IDs, vaccination information, and photos of you and your pet.

Bring Emergency Items

These can include a first-aid kit, medicines and prescriptions, IDs; copies of important documents, baby food and diapers, toiletries, games, flashlights, batteries, blankets and sleeping bags.

Activate Your Family Communication Plan

Make sure everyone knows how or where to contact each other if you become separated. Also call your out-of-area contacts to let them know you are safe.

Hurricane Matthew

Evacuations Ordered

Evacuations have been ordered along Florida's east coast from Miami Dade to Nassau counties. If you are in an impacted area, do not wait to evacuate. Go now! 

  • Visit www.floridadisaster.org to see evacuation orders for your area. 
  • Visit www.floridaevacuates.com or download the Florida Evacuates app for free on iTunes or Google Play to enter your location and find shelters available in your area.
  • Text flprepares to 888777 from your mobile device to receive updates from the state emergency response team.