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The Property Insurance Clearinghouse is an innovative program that explores private market insurance coverage for consumers who believe Citizens may be their only insurance option.

The clearinghouse program:

  • May include more personalized and comprehensive coverage options than what is available through Citizens
  • Compares private-market offers that may cost less than comparable coverage from Citizens
  • Gives customers who receive private-market offers the opportunity to reduce their assessment risks in comparison to Citizens policyholders

The clearinghouse program helps agents establish eligibility prior to placing or renewing a policy with Citizens. Agents should submit applications and quick quotes directly to PolicyCenter®.

To comply with the clearinghouse program required by Florida law, agents should use one of the following to determine if the new-business risk is eligible for coverage with a private market insurer:

  • A comparative rater
  • Quotes or declination of coverage received directly from private market carriers


The applicant is eligible for a Citizens policy if one of the following criteria is met:

  • No private market insurer is willing to offer coverage at its approved rates.
  • The premium for coverage offered by private-market insurers is more than 20% higher than the premium for comparable coverage from Citizens.


The applicant is ineligible for a Citizens policy if:

  • The premium for coverage offered by a private market insurer is not more than 20% higher than the premium for comparable coverage from Citizens

A copy of the rate comparison or private carrier’s quote and/or declination of coverage must be submitted with the application. Use the Quick Quote functionality to create a comparable quote.

Additional Resources

The following public services can help consumers and agents identify available private market coverage: