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Call Citizens First

Report your claim as soon as you become aware of or suspect damage. Citizens offers our customers two convenient ways to report a claim:


  • Report your claim online through myPolicy, which can be accessed from your computer or mobile device.

Claims Hotline – 866.411.2742

  • Citizens’ toll-free claims hotline is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

If you are displaced following the hurricane, make sure you provide temporary contact information when you report your claim. If we can’t reach you, your claim could be delayed.

Claim Inspection Options during COVID-19

Claim Inspection Options during COVID-19

Citizens is taking every precaution to ensure our ability to safely inspect your home following a storm during COVID-19. Our adjusters have been instructed to wear a mask during any interior inspections and will ask you about any potential exposure or possible symptoms before your inspection.

Interior inspections are not always needed. If an interior inspection of your home is required and you are not comfortable allowing an adjuster into your home, several options are available. Discuss these options when your adjuster calls to schedule your inspection:

  • Your adjuster can inspect the exterior of your home and reschedule your interior inspection for a later date when you are more comfortable allowing the adjuster into your home.
  • Citizens can help you perform a remote inspection in which you self-document any interior damage, take photos and email the information to Citizens.
  • Your adjuster can help you document your claim through photos, video and audio via an app on your smart device.

Hurricanes - Additional Living Expenses, Emergency Repairs, AOB, Fraud

Additional Living Expenses

Some homeowners policies provide additional living expense (ALE) coverage, which helps pay for expenses incurred because your home has been deemed unlivable due to a covered loss. ALE provides coverage for the increase in costs over your normal expenses if a covered loss makes your home unlivable. This can include expenses for food, a place to live or other costs associated with maintaining your household.

Accurate receipt documentation is required. Make copies of these receipts for your records and provide the originals to your adjuster for review.

ALE coverage is limited and varies by policy type. Your adjuster can provide details about coverage. Check with your agent for more information about ALE coverage.

Emergency Repairs

Important policy contract changes may affect payment for emergency measures and permanent repairs following a loss. All new and renewing HO-3, HO-6 and DP-3 policies are affected.

Once your home is secure, don’t start any repairs until you Call Citizens First. Before starting emergency repairs, document all damages by photo or video. Keep any damaged items for inspection by Citizens and save all receipts in case you are eligible for reimbursement.

Avoid Fraud

Catastrophes breed crimes of opportunity. After a hurricane, contractors or claims adjusters may approach you with promises too good to be true. If someone is promising you something for nothing or offering something that sounds too good to be true, they may be attempting to involve you in insurance fraud. Call Citizens or your agent before signing or agreeing to anything.