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Citizens Responds to Hurricane Idalia
Peak Season Is Upon Us. Check Your Prep!
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Now that we’re in the peak of hurricane season, take a minute to consider stepping up your preparation for storms – statistically more likely to occur in September and October.

Even though the season began June 1, nearly two-thirds of Atlantic tropical storms and hurricanes have formed historically after September 1.

So, you’re not too late to up your game. Below are a few ways.

Become a Power Player. Buy a Generator.

Investing in a generator is one of the best ways to protect your home and family. Take your prep to the next level by asking yourself what you want to keep running if the power goes out:

  1. Your air conditioner?
  2. Your refrigerator?
  3. Your lights and TV?
  4. All of the above?

If the answer is “D,” determine the wattage of each item. Then buy a gas-powered generator that can handle starting up and running all those items. If not, adjust the unit’s size depending on your needs.

Once you’ve purchased a generator, buy several 5-gallon gas cans; purchase fuel a day or two before the storm is forecast to strike; and please always operate the generator outdoors in a well-ventilated area.

Do a Deeper Dive on Meteorology

Want time to prepare? Improve your understanding of storm forecasts by visiting a few highly informative websites and learning meteorology. The first is the National Hurricane Center, where the official storm forecasts are issued. Once a system is shown on the map, click on it to learn more – including its projected path.

The second is Cyclocane, an independently run weather site. Among other things, Cyclocane posts “spaghetti models” – a dozen or so projected storm tracks based on individual models from around the world. This gives you a wider and longer-range view of where a storm is forecast to go. That way, you can be better prepared.

Finally, spend some time on Florida Storms. In fact, download the app. The award-winning collective of 13 public radio stations is the best location for Florida-specific information, including more localized forecasts and information.

Master These Little-Known Tips

Many of us know to stock a gallon of drinking water per person per day as a storm looms. But did you know you can fill a kiddie pool with water for washing dishes or for pets to use for drinking? There are many little things you can add to your prep list. How about checking your carbon monoxide battery before running that generator? Or moving your cars into a garage or under cover?

Also, fill your cars’ gas tanks – not only for transportation but so you can use them like gas-powered generators to charge devices or cool you down with their air conditioner. And cash may become king again – if only while power is out – so get money from an ATM before a storm strikes.

There are more ways to raise your game at crunch time. For additional tips, visit the American Red Cross website.

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