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Consumer Services Committee

Consumer Services Committee

June 13, 2019  |   10:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. ET

Meeting cancelled due to light agenda.

1.866.361.7525  |  Code: 648.781.1621#

Meeting Documents

There are currently no documents associated with this event. Please check back later.


Consumer Services Committee

  • Bette Brown - Chair
  • Blake Capps
  • Reynolds Henderson
  • Tasha Carter - Insurance Consumer Advocate
  • Greg Rokeh - Industry Advisor
  • Phil Zelman - Industry Advisor
  • Christine Ashburn - Staff
  • Steve Bitar - Staff

About Citizens

In 2002, the Florida Legislature created Citizens Property Insurance Corporation (Citizens), a
not-for-profit alternative insurer, whose public purpose is to provide insurance to, and serve the needs of, property owners who cannot find coverage in the private insurance market.