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Spring Into Action: Home Tips
Citizens’ On-Site Home Surveys
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For anyone who has purchased a home, taken out a mortgage or applied for an equity line of credit, “home inspection” is a sometimes-confusing term.

There are a number of different types of inspections and surveys:

  • A 4-point inspection is typically required when you apply for insurance coverage. These inspections are paid for by the customer and are conducted by licensed inspectors to look at the property’s electrical wiring, heating, plumbing and roofing systems.
  • A wind mitigation inspection is also performed by a licensed inspector who looks at engineering features to determine the structure’s ability to withstand high winds. Typically, the homeowner pays for the inspection, though insurers may offer discounts if certain wind mitigation features are present.
  • Citizens may also require home surveys. Citizens surveys are at no cost to you. Under your policy and application for coverage, Citizens reserves the right to survey properties any time during the policy term. Field representatives from third-party survey companies contracted by Citizens are not licensed inspectors but will take photographs of the insured dwelling(s) and provide information on the conditions they see, (e.g., broken windows, etc.). The third-party survey company submits the survey to Citizens, which is then used to verify building characteristics and conditions.

Since 2019, Citizens has increased the number of on-site home surveys to mirror the private market. By the end of 2025, Citizens plans for 20% of its existing policies and more than 60% of all new business to have been surveyed.

Home surveys allow Citizens to verify the information it has on the properties it insures, which also increases the accuracy of the information Citizens shares with private companies participating in Citizens’ Depopulation Program.

Home surveys are often limited to the property’s exterior, but some may also require interior access. No appointment is required for an external survey but the survey company may contact you with more details. If selected for an interior survey, your field representative will work with you to schedule a convenient time. If you have any questions, contact your agent or a Citizens customer service representative at 866.411.2742.

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