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Florida Specialty Overview

Florida Specialty Insurance Company was ordered into receivership by the State of Florida on October 2, and its policies have been cancelled by order effective November 1, 2019. Recognizing the importance of ensuring continuity of coverage during hurricane season, the State of Florida has outlined a solution that includes a guaranteed offer of coverage for up to one year for all Florida Specialty policyholders.

Act Now

Florida Specialty customers should begin working with their agents now to secure coverage in the private market. On or after October 14, Florida Specialty agents will be able to make available to customers for whom they have been unable to secure private-market coverage a one-year guaranteed offer of coverage from Citizens.

Whichever option is selected, a new policy must be in effect by no later than November 10, 2019. Policies bound November 1-10 will have an effective date of November 1. If a policy is submitted after November 1, the agent must include a policyholder-signed statement attesting that no loss has been incurred from November 1 through the date on which the policy is bound.

Citizens coverage will not take effect automatically. If no action is taken and coverage is not secured either with a private insurance company or with Citizens, Florida Specialty customers will not have coverage after the above policy cancellation date.

Payments and Refunds

If the policyholder secures coverage with a private-market company, their agent will notify them of the payment options available and should request that any premium refund due be sent directly to the policyholder.  

If the policyholder accepts coverage with Citizens, any premium refund due will be transferred directly to Citizens and applied to their new Citizens policy. If any additional premium is due, they will be notified and given the opportunity to pay the balance due via a quarterly, semiannual or annual payment plan.

All Florida Specialty policyholder refunds are subject to a $100 deductible to the Florida Insurance Guaranty Association (FIGA).


Regardless of whether their agent is appointed with Citizens, all Florida Specialty policyholders have the option to accept Citizens’ guaranteed one-year offer of coverage if they are unable to secure coverage from the private market.

Current Agents

Citizens-appointed agents do not need to take action to be appointed; they automatically will receive an email with instructions about how to support their customers.  

Nonappointed Agents

Citizens will contact policyholders whose agents declined Citizens appointment with information about how to secure their guaranteed one-year offer of Citizens coverage. Policyholders contacted by Citizens directly are not obligated to accept an offer of coverage; their agent still may secure coverage for them with a private-market company of their choice. Nonappointed agents will not receive commission for any business placed with Citizens. 

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