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Roof and 4-Point Inspection Form Updates

February 09, 2018

Citizens updated the following forms to evaluate risks better and determine whether a property meets Citizens’ eligibility guidelines:
The previous versions have been deleted from our website, and the updated forms are available at:
  • The Agents website: Select Personal → PR-M → General
  • The Public website: Select Insurance → Get a Policy → Inspections
Agents and licensed inspectors should begin using the updated forms immediately. After September 1, 2018, if the agent submits a previous version of the form(s), Underwriting may request additional information or create other underwriting actions. 
4-Point Inspection Form
The changes on the 4-Point Inspection Form are outlined below.

Section of 4-Point Inspection Form

Description of Changes

Minimum Photo Requirements

Photos now are required for:

  • Each side of the dwelling
  • Each slope of the roof
  • Plumbing: Water heater, under cabinet plumbing/drains, exposed valves

Legal Disclaimer

Clarifies that the inspection is for underwriting use and does not guarantee systems condition

Electrical System

  • The panel sections now require more specific information and whether the amperage is sufficient.
  • The Hazards Present section has been expanded.

HVAC System

Expanded to include servicing/inspection date and a question regarding blockage or leaking

Plumbing System

  • The following questions have been added:
    • Is there a temperature pressure relief valve on the water heater?
    • Water heater location
  • Inspectors must indicate the condition of the listed appliances.


The Any visible signs of damage/deterioration? section has been expanded.


Roof Inspection Form
The Roof Condition Certification Form (RCF-1 09 13) has been updated to mirror the roof condition requirements listed on the updated 4-Point Inspection Form

For more information, log in to the Agents site, and from the website’s top menu, select Search → Search Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). Enter four-point inspection or roof condition into the search field.


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