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Report Fraud

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Insurance fraud is a crime.

If someone is offering you something for nothing, it is a good indicator that something may be wrong.

Avoid situations where there's an opportunity to commit homeowners insurance fraud:

  • Make sure your policy is up to date and your coverage is adequate.
  • Review your policy with your agent to understand what is and isn't covered.
  • Make sure any information you provide to your insurance company – from application to claims - is accurate and truthful.

When Purchasing Insurance

  • Always provide accurate and truthful information to your agent and in your application.
  • Know your agent or broker
  • Obtain proof of payment
  • Get a copy of your policy
  • Review your policy

Following a Loss

Any insurance-related loss can make you vulnerable to crimes of opportunity. Know the warning signs to make sure you aren’t victimized a second time following a loss.

Common insurance fraud schemes after a loss often involve contractors, repair vendors or claims adjusters who perpetrate fraud that can range from kickbacks to falsifying claims information. You may not even be aware that anything illegal is taking place.

  • Beware of high-pressure sales people
  • Obtain vendor references
  • Keep down payments to the minimum

If you suffer a loss following a catastrophic event, don't become a victim. Learn how to avoid fraud after a catastrophe.

Web Content Display (Global)

Report Fraud

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To report suspected property insurance fraud involving a Citizens policy or claim:

  • Call Citizens' Special Investigations Unit toll-free at 855.SIU.8596 (855.748.8596)
  • Submit a report online through the Report Suspected Fraud topic on our Contact Us page

To report suspected property insurance fraud that does not involve Citizens: