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Updating Mitigation Features

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Updating Mitigation Features

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Notify Citizens When You Harden Your Home

Updating your home’s mitigation features can make you safer and bring significant savings on your policy. If you update the mitigation features on your home, you can request that any eligible discounts be applied to your policy by notifying Citizens and your agent that you have made updates. A new wind-damage mitigation inspection may be required.

Your agent will need to submit documentation and photographs of the updated mitigation features to Citizens for review. Review Citizens' Wind Mitigation Feature Documentation Guidelines (En español) to learn more about the documentation needed to verify mitigation features. A new wind-damage mitigation inspection may be required.

Examples of Acceptable Documentation

  • Receipts or other documents that show product specifications
  • Work orders and invoices
  • Roofing permits
  • Notice-of-acceptance letters for mitigation products (usually obtained from installers or manufacturers)


Citizens will review all submitted documentation and determine whether your documentation supports the mitigation discounts requested. If new discounts are applied, you will receive a revised Declarations page.

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