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The Florida Market Assistance Plan (FMAP) is a free and convenient online property insurance referral service that matches home, rental, and vacation property owners with agents able to secure coverage from Florida-authorized insurance companies writing policies in their area.* It was authorized by the Florida Legislature in 1985.

Agents participating in FMAP can search FMAP’s database in real time and set up nightly alerts from FMAP’s automated search feature to receive notifications when a request for coverage matches your specific search criteria.

How it works

FMAP offers the following programs and services to help you identify potential new clients:

Free online referrals

Matches individuals seeking property insurance with participating agents who may be able to write a policy outside of Citizens. You’ll receive nightly email notices from FMAP, alerting you to potential customers seeking coverage that matches your specific search criteria. You also can search the database at any time to identify potential customers.

Direct referral program

Provides agent contact information to consumers seeking coverage for commercial residential, commercial nonresidential, and liability insurance.

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Let FMAP help you find new clients and expand your business.

Get Started with FMAP

  1. Register with FMAP. You’ll need your name, address, phone number, Social Security number, DFS agent license number and appointments with at least ten Florida-authorized private-market insurance companies.
  2. Review the Agent Guide.
  3. Set up search criteria based on the types of property your appointed companies will cover.
    • You can create up to 10 active searches.
  4. Run a Search to find consumers looking for insurance coverage that match your requirements.
  5. Contact FMAP consumers and provide them a quote.
  6. Update FMAP with the results of your solicitation within 30 days

Additional Resources

FMAP Agent Guide

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The following important restrictions apply to all agents participating in FMAP:

  • You may not use FMAP information to place a policy in Citizens.
  • You must be appointed with at least 10 Florida-authorized private-market insurance companies that are currently writing new personal residential property coverage in the state of Florida.