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Required Document: ISO Survey Loss Cost Quote

PolicyCenter® will now automatically display a request for a required document when the Insurance Services Office (ISO) Survey Loss Cost Quote (LCQ) report needs to be submitted for Commercial Nonresidential Multiperil (CNR-M) policies. This will occur when Specific or Tentative is valued in the Rate Type field.

Rate Type field in PolicyCenter
Figure 1: Rate Type field in PolicyCenter

The following required document description will display in the Required Documents section in PolicyCenter:

A legible copy of the ISO Survey Loss Cost Quote (LCQ) report dated within the last 5 years. Contact Verisk 1-800-888-4476.


For more information regarding these changes, log in to the Agents website and:

  • Select Commercial > CNR-M > Manuals, and then view the most recent CNR-M Rates and Rating Rules.

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