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May 31, 2015

The table below does not include policies tagged for takeout via the Depopulation Program but still serviced by Citizens.
Account Product Line Policies In-Force
PLA Personal Residential Multiperil (PR-M) 326,580
Coastal Personal Residential Multiperil (PR-M) 83,894
Coastal Personal Residential Wind-Only (PR-W) 152,680
Coastal Commercial Residential Multiperil (CR-M) 551
Coastal Commercial Residential Wind-Only (CR-W) 7,227
Coastal Commercial Non-Residential Multiperil (CNR-M) 195
Coastal Commercial Non-Residential Wind-Only (CNR-W) 15,715
CLA Commercial Residential Multiperil (CR-M) 2,757
CLA Commercial Non-Residential Multiperil (CNR-M) 1,385
Total 590,984