Managed Repair Program

The Managed Repair Program offers valuable services to qualified customers whose homes have been damaged:

  • Emergency Water Removal Services
  • Managed Repair Contractor Network

Managed Repair Program services are available to homeowner (HO-3) and dwelling property 3 (DP-3) policies that are new or are renewed after July 1, 2017. Participation in the program is completely voluntary. 

Managed Repair Contractor Network  

Your time is valuable and finding a contractor you trust can be stressful and time consuming. Save time and aggravation by letting Citizens connect you with a network of licensed and vetted service providers who will repair your home and return it to its pre-loss condition after a qualified claim. All participating service providers are licensed and insured. 


  • Save Time: Don’t waste time interviewing and getting quotes from multiple contractors. Citizens connects you with a network of licensed, insured and quality-tested professionals who will return your home to its pre-loss condition.
  • Less Hassle: Citizens works directly with your service provider to monitor their performance and ensure all covered repairs are completed to your satisfaction.
  • Peace of Mind: All covered repairs are satisfaction guaranteed and come with a nontransferable, three-year warranty. Any customer-requested upgrades or repairs not included in Citizens’ final repair estimate are excluded from this warranty.

Water Damage

Emergency Water Removal Services 

When a broken pipe or other water loss not caused by weather threatens your home, every moment counts. Within hours of calling Citizens, this service will provide free emergency water removal and drying services to protect your home from further damage. There are no out-of- pocket costs and no deductible for this valuable service.


  • Save Time: File your claim and access free, high-quality, emergency water removal services in one  easy call. 
  • Quick Response: A service provider will be sent to you within hours to protect your home from further damage. 
  • Absolutely Free: Customers have no out-of-pocket costs for this service, even if Citizens later determines your loss is not covered.  


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