Commercial Lines
The Commercial Lines Depopulation program is unchanged for 2017. 

How it Works  

If a company selects your policy, they will mail you a letter to inform you that they would like to remove your policy from Citizens and assume coverage of your property. Congratulations! This offer means you no longer are limited to receiving coverage from a government-created insurance company.
No action is needed to accept a depopulation offer. You can decline the offer through an opt-out process.


An opt-out form will be included with your depopulation offer. If you choose to remain with Citizens, you must return your opt-out form to the takeout company within 30 days. 
  • Commercial Nonresidential policies cannot choose to opt-out of an assumption. You either must accept the depopulation offer or rewrite coverage with another company.
  • Opt-out forms are available on the Depopulation Resources page. 

Policy Assumption

If you do not return the opt-out form to the depopulation company within 30 days, your policy will be transferred to the company in a process called assumption. You will receive a Notice of Assumption and Nonrenewal and a Certificate of Assumption from Citizens.
Once your policy has been assumed, you have an additional 30 days to return to Citizens. Your agent can assist you with this process.

Additional information and resources, including sample letters and opt-out forms, are available on the Depopulation Resources page. You also can call Citizens’ Customer Care Center at 888.685.1555.


Be sure to consider the following information carefully when discussing the advantages of the offer with your agent. 


Citizens policyholders can be required to pay an assessment if Citizens does not have the resources to pay claims following a major hurricane or series of storms. This assessment, which would be imposed only if Citizens incurs significant losses, could be significant. Private-market policyholders can be subject to paying a much lower assessment amount. 

Coverage Comparisons

More comprehensive property insurance coverage may be available to you in the private market. Valuable coverage comparisons are available from the Office of Insurance Regulation.


Florida law requires that Citizens submit renewal policies to its Property Insurance Clearinghouse to determine whether private-market coverage is available. If the clearinghouse identifies a comparable private-market offer with a premium equal to or less than your Citizens premium, your Citizens policy will be nonrenewed. Rejecting a takeout offer will not exempt you from the clearinghouse.