Personal Lines Bulletin

Processing Delays for Agent of Record Transfers

Outubro 25, 2013 - IE #023-13

Citizens has received a larger number of agent of record (AOR) transfer requests than anticipated and is experiencing processing delays of approximately 30 calendar days. Effective immediately and until further notice, Agent Administration will answer calls only from the hours of 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Updated processing times will be posted weekly on the Did You Know? section of the Agents site until these requests are being completed within the 15-business day window previously announced.

To expedite the turn-around time for processing and minimize delays, ensure that the Agent of Record Transfer Form is:

  • Completed in full
  • Clear and legible
  • Signed by the policyholder, agent and agency principal
    Note: If the form is not signed by the policyholder, the form must be signed by the person holding the power of attorney. Proper documentation of power of attorney must accompany the request.
  • Emailed to Citizens

For detailed information about processing procedures, refer to IE#017-13: Personal Lines Policies: New Agent of Record Change Procedures.

Important Reminders:

  • ACORD® forms are unacceptable to transfer the AOR; a completed and signed Agent of Record Transfer Form is required.
  • The effective date of the AOR transfer will be the date processed. Backdates are not permitted.
  • AOR transfers are not allowed on cancelled policies.
  • Commissions will be assigned to the AOR listed on the policy at the time of the policy’s effective date.
  • The current AOR is responsible for servicing the policy until the transfer process is complete.
  • The requesting agent, agency principal and policyholder will receive confirmation when a transfer is complete.


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