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To dispute the results of a Citizens-requested re-inspection or to request a follow-up inspection, visit Inspection and Outreach Program.
Home and commercial property inspections are valuable tools that provide you with important information. An inspection performed by a qualified inspector better prepares you to make informed decisions to protect your home and business and possibly save you money over the long term.

Citizens encourages - and sometimes requires - sinkhole inspections and wind mitigation inspections. In most cases, these inspections cost less than $200.

Your agent is your best source of information about your specific policy, coverage, premiums, qualifying discounts and the need to obtain an inspection. If your agent is unavailable or you have questions after speaking with your agent, call Citizens at 1.888.685.1555.

Note: The Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation issued a Declaratory Statement (Section 30) in July 2013, stating that the referral fee prohibitions in Florida Statute 468.8319(1)(h) do not apply to insurance agents. Your agent may receive a referral fee or other incentive from your inspector or inspection company; however, your agent must disclose this to you.