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Strengthen Your Home

Certain building construction techniques and features, such as storm shutters or impact-resistant windows and doors, can provide greater protection for your property and lessen the impact of windstorms and other natural disasters.

Protecting your home and property is important to your peace of mind and to your pocketbook. In Florida, that protection should include features to prevent windstorm damage.

In a severe wind storm, such as a hurricane, homes may be battered by heavy wind and rain. Features that help protect against wind damage – wind mitigation features – make a home stronger and help it withstand these forces. Wind mitigation features that are documented by a wind mitigation inspection also can save you money by helping you qualify for premium discounts on your insurance policy.

Protect Your Property before the Storm

  • Protect windows with shutters, plywood panels or other types of wind-resistant barriers.
  • Trim dead or weak branches from trees.
  • Maintain any exterior insulation-finishing system (EIFS), also referred to as synthetic stucco.
  • Reinforce double-entry doors and garage doors.
  • Secure siding and roofs.
  • Brace gable-end roof framing.

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Prepare Your Property

Just as Citizens prepares to respond to a catastrophe year round, you also can prepare your property before a storm hits. Preparing your home and protecting your property against storm damage not only can reduce the impact of storm damage, it also can save lives, your property and money.