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Hurricane Irma FAQs

The following FAQs are for informational purposes only and intended only for our personal lines customers.

These FAQs do not contain all coverages, conditions, limitations or exclusions that may arise in a tropical storm or hurricane. They do not amend or change any of the actual provisions of your policy, nor do they imply there is coverage other than what is specified in your actual policy and its Declarations and endorsements.

Refer to your policy for exact coverage description and specifics. 

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Payments and Deductibles

1. What is a Hurricane deductible?

If your policy includes wind coverage, it contains a calendar-year Hurricane deductible. Covered damages incurred during the Hurricane Irma deductible period are subject to your Hurricane deductible.  

Your Hurricane deductible is the amount of covered damages that must be exceeded before Citizens will issue payment for hurricane damages covered under your policy.

  • Your Hurricane deductible is shown on your Declarations page.
  • Hurricane deductibles are applied on a calendar-year basis. The Hurricane deductible can be exhausted only once each calendar year. If your Hurricane deductible is satisfied by losses sustained in Hurricane Irma, any additional hurricane losses sustained this year will not be subject to a deductible.

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2. When is the Hurricane Irma deductible period?

By Florida law, the hurricane Irma deductible period began when the first hurricane warning/warning was issued for Florida by the National Weather Service and ended 72 hours after the final hurricane watch/warning was withdrawn.   

Covered damages incurred during the Hurricane Irma deductible period are subject to your Hurricane deductible.  

Start End
September 7, 2017 September, 14, 2017 
11 a.m. ET  5 a.m.



3. Do I need to send a check to Citizens for my deductible?

No. Citizens will deduct your deductible from your claims payment. 

4. Can I have my claims check overnighted to me?

No. Citizens does not send settlement checks by overnight service. If you have an emergency, contact your adjuster directly.

5. Can I get cash instead of a check for Additional Living Expenses?

No. Citizens provides checks only.

Citizens’ Catastrophe Response Centers are the only way you can get a check immediately. If you are unable to visit one of our Catastrophe Response Centers in person, Citizens will mail you a check. 

6. What is Additional Living Expenses Coverage?

Your policy may provide coverage for Additional Living Expenses (ALE). ALE coverage helps pay for expenses above and beyond your usual living expenses if your home is deemed unfit to live in due to damages caused by a covered loss:

  • ALE covers payments for necessities, such as food, a place to live and other increased costs associated with maintaining your household in a location other than your home.
  • Accurate receipt documentation is required. Save and provide your adjuster with copies of these receipts.
  • ALE coverage may be limited. 
  • Your claims adjuster can provide additional information.

7. Does Citizens have the financial resources to pay claims following Hurricane Irma?

Yes, Citizens is in the best financial position ever to pay claims following a major hurricane or series of storms. Citizens has $7.4 billion in surplus and also has taken additional actions to ensure its claims-paying ability.

Taken together, Citizens has the ability to pay claims following a 1-in-100 year storm without exhausting its surplus or assessing its customers or other Florida insurance policyholders.