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Hurricane Irma FAQs

The following FAQs are for informational purposes only and intended only for our personal lines customers.

These FAQs do not contain all coverages, conditions, limitations or exclusions that may arise in a tropical storm or hurricane. They do not amend or change any of the actual provisions of your policy, nor do they imply there is coverage other than what is specified in your actual policy and its Declarations and endorsements.

Refer to your policy for exact coverage description and specifics. 

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1. Are my expenses covered if I evacuated due to Hurricane Irma?

If you evacuated due to an evacuation order administered by emergency management officials, some of your expenses may be covered if there is damage to your home that keeps you from living there, or if emergency management officials have prevented you from returning home after Hurricane Irma passed. 

2. Can I be reimbursed if I purchased a generator?

Generally, no. However, Citizens may consider reimbursement for up to a 10,000 watt portable generator under certain guidelines. Discuss coverage with your adjuster. Your Hurricane deductible applies.

3. I have water damage from Hurricane Irma. Am I covered?

There are many different types and causes of water damage. You should report all damage to Citizens. Your claims adjuster will work with you to determine the cause and the amount of coverage, if any, your policy provides. 

4. A tornado caused damage to my home during Hurricane Irma. Is it covered?

If the primary cause of loss is wind and it occurs during the Hurricane deductible period, damages to covered property are covered. Your Hurricane deductible will apply.

5. Can I make a claim if I was burglarized in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma?

Yes. Burglary claims are a separate type of claim and will not apply towards your Hurricane deductible. Your All Other Perils deductible will apply. Call Citizens Claims Hotline at 866.411.2742 to report your loss. 

6. My landscaping was ruined by Hurricane Irma. Is it covered?

No. Citizens does not provide coverage for trees and plants. 

7. Trees fell on my home or property. Will Citizens cover their removal?

There is a policy provision called Tree Debris Removal coverage, which provides for removal of tree debris from the grounds of the insured location. Your Hurricane deductible applies.

Tree Debris Removal coverage is not available for dwelling or mobile-home dwelling policies.

8. My neighbor’s tree fell on my property. Are they responsible for removing it? Should I call Citizens?

Hurricanes are considered an Act of God and, in most cases, your neighbor is not responsible for removing their tree from your property. Likewise, if a tree from your property fell on your neighbor’s property, you would not be responsible for removing it from their property.

If you are unsure whether damage will be covered under your policy, it is always a good idea to call Citizens.

9. My detached garage, workshop, pool house, deck, storage shed, fence or carport was damaged by Hurricane Irma. Is it covered?

Coverage B – Other Structures provides coverage for permanent structures on your property that are not connected to your home, including, but not limited to, detached garages, workshops, pool houses, decks, storage sheds and fences. Limitations apply. Your Hurricane deductible applies.

10. Is my pool cage, tiki hut, pergola, gazebo, cabana or thatch/lattice structures covered?

Citizens’ homeowners policies do not cover any structure constructed to be open to the weather. 

Similar structures, except awnings, attached to a mobile home (i.e., the mobile home insured under Coverage A) may be covered. Contact your agent or call Citizens at 866.411.2742 to report a claim. 

11. The food in my refrigerator went bad because of a power loss. Is it covered?

In most cases, the loss of any personal property due to power failure is excluded from coverage when the power outage originate off the policyholder’s premises.

A loss is covered when an outage originates on premises – by a tree limb taking down an electrical line to the policyholder’s house, for example – and that power failure occurs before any off-premises outages. Your Hurricane deductible applies

12. I live in a condo. What is covered?

Your HO-6 condominium owners policy provides coverage for your belongings, the parts of the structure you own (e.g., a ceiling fan you installed) and specific perils named in the policy documents. Your Hurricane deductible applies.

Your condominium association should have a policy that covers the residential buildings and common elements, such as clubhouses, central HVAC systems, parking structures, swimming pools, etc.