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Personal Lines Eligibility Clarifications

február 07, 2013 - IE #004-13

We’ve heard you! We frequently receive questions regarding eligibility requirements, including eligibility documentation, force-placed insurance and transfer of wind mitigation credits. The following questions and answers provide additional clarification.

Eligibility Documentation

Must eligibility documentation be submitted with Personal Residential Wind-Only (PR-W) applications?

We no longer require eligibility documentation to be submitted regarding the 15 percent rule or No Offer of Coverage for PR-W applications.

While this documentation is not required to be submitted with the PR-W application it still is your responsibility to have information available to substantiate risk eligibility in the event of an audit. Per our filed PR-W underwriting manual; General Rule #102:

Property owners are eligible for coverage in Citizens Property Insurance Corporation (Citizens) if the property owner and agent can demonstrate that coverage for the peril of windstorm or hail cannot be obtained or the premium for coverage from an authorized insurer is more than 15% greater than the premium for comparable coverage from Citizens

Force-Placed Insurance

What documentation is needed to waive the 30-day wait and no-prior-insurance surcharge on force-placed risks?

Some force-placed insurance risks allow the policyholder to purchase personal property coverage and personal liability coverage. If a Declarations Page is provided that clearly indicates the owner did purchase both of these coverages, the force-placed policy will be considered as proof of prior insurance coverage. The 30-day wait and no-prior-insurance surcharge will not apply.

Wind Mitigation: Transfer of Credits

Can existing wind mitigation credits on a home previously insured with Citizens be transferred from the previous owner to the new owner?

  • The only wind mitigation inspection reports that are transferrable to a new owner. are inspection reports that were ordered and paid for by Citizens as part of our Inspection and Outreach Program. We will accept these Citizens re-inspections and apply the credits for the new owner.
  • If the previous owner submitted a retail inspection report (in other words, an inspection purchased by the policyholder and conducted by an independent company), this report is not transferrable to the new owner. A new Uniform Mitigation Verification Inspection Form (OIR-B1-1802(Rev. 01/12)) signed by the new owner is required to obtain credits.


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