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Enhancements to PolicyCenter

juin 23, 2016

Effective June 20, 2016, Citizens implemented several enhancements in PolicyCenter®.

Activities Search

To assist agents with servicing and managing their policies, PolicyCenter now allows searching and viewing all activities within their agency. Any agency user with access to PolicyCenter will be able to search by agent or by policy number to locate pending activities. Users with the all-location view setting now can view all activities for agents in all the agency’s locations.

Activities can be viewed two ways from the Search tab:

  • Select Activities from the drop-down list. 
  • Click Activities in the Tools menu on the left side.

Figure 1: Activities search options

To search for activities, at least one of the fields in the Specify at least one of the following: must be completed. Users can click on Select User to view a complete list of users within their agency. Results can be filtered by entering additional information in the Optional criteria fields:

Figure 2: Search Activities screen


  • For more information about searching activities, Citizens has posted a new job aid, Searching and Managing Activities for Your Office, on the Training page of the Agents site. It is also in Knowledge Base (Answer ID 3275).
  • While agents now will be able to see all the agency’s activities, they can initiate transactions only for lines of business for which they are appointed.
  • Agency principals can refer to Knowledge Base Answer ID 2045 for more information about user-account access for agencies with multiple locations.

Flood and External Insurer Lists

Citizens has updated and expanded its flood and external insurer lists in PolicyCenter.

Agent Bulletins are provided for historical purposes only and have not been updated to include any changes that may have been made after publication. Agents can find the latest information by reviewing the applicable underwriting manuals and by logging in, then selecting Search → Search Frequently Asked Questions