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Mobile Home Policies: Attached Structures Included in Coverage A

juin 24, 2013 - ATB #009-13

Effective June 13, 2013, coverage for screened enclosures, carports, patios and other structures attached to mobile and manufactured homes will be provided on all mobile home policies under Coverage A. These changes align with Florida House Bill 573, and coverage is subject to the policy language.

Coverage will be provided via the Attached Structures Coverage endorsement that will be added to all in-force policies for the following policy forms:

Endorsement Number Policy Name and Form Number
CIT 04 68 06 13 Mobile Homeowners 3 – Special Form (CIT MHO-3)
CIT 04 69 06 13 Mobilehome Dwelling Property 1 – Basic Form (CIT MDP-1)
MW 04 68 06 13 Mobile Homeowners 2 – Wind-Only Form (MW-00 02)
MD 04 69 06 13 Mobilehome Dwelling Property 1 – Wind-Only Form (MD-00 01)


Endorsements and legal notices to policyholders will be included in all mobile homeowner policies, beginning with policies renewing on October 1, 2013.

Important information about this change:

  • Effective June 27, 2013, agents can follow the established endorsement process because ePAS will be:
  • Updated to allow agent-entered endorsements for the appropriate attached structures as part of Coverage A
  • Programmed to provide an option to select Full Screened Enclosures located in the Other Attached Structures drop-down menu in the ePAS cost estimator
  • Agents making changes before June 27, 2013:
  • Must upload them via Electronic Document Submission (EDS) with an endorsement request and a revised cost estimate
  • Should use the Patios/Porches field in the Primary Information section of the ePAS cost estimator to accommodate screened enclosures
  • Each of the following is subject to underwriting review and approval:
  • Changes to the Coverage A amount resulting in an increase of more than $10,000
  • Decreases to Coverage A
  • Use of alternative valuation methods
  • Awnings remain excluded under Coverage A

As outlined in Agent Technical Bulletin #010-11, Citizens has been reviewing Coverage A limits for mobile home policies to ensure Coverage A limits accurately reflect the actual cash value.

For Mobile Home Policies That Have Been Re-Evaluated:

  • Attached structures noted in this bulletin may not be included in the Coverage A amount.
  • Agents must complete a new cost estimate for these policies to add the appropriate structure(s).
  • A list of these re-evaluated policies will be sent to affected agents.
  • Policyholders whose policies have been re-evaluated will receive a postcard advising them to contact their agent to ensure adequate and appropriate coverage is included in their Coverage A amount.

If the Mobile Home Policy Has Not Been Re-Evaluated:

  • The Coverage A amount has not been adjusted and should reflect an adequate amount of coverage for all the appropriate attached structures.
  • Agents can verify this amount or make an adjustment by submitting an updated cost estimate as outlined in this bulletin.
  • No communication will be sent to these policyholders as the attached structures previously noted remain included in their Coverage A limit.


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