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Billing and Payment Plan Enhancements



November 21, 2017

Citizens has made the following PolicyCenter® enhancements, which will assist agents in supporting their customers, improve processing time for new-business submissions and eliminate submitting some activities to Underwriting.

For new-business submissions in Bound-Approved status when payment has been posted, agents now can make the following changes on the Payment screen:

  • Change the Billing Method from Mortgagee Bill to Direct Bill
  • Change the Installment Plan when the policy is Direct Bill
  • Change the answer for Is this policy premium financed?
    • If an agent selects Yes, the Billing Method automatically defaults to Direct Bill and they must select the Payor to identify the premium finance company (PFC)
  • The Payment Plan field will default to full pay and cannot be changed if either of the following apply:
    • The payor is a PFC
    • The agent changes Billing Method from Direct Bill to Mortgagee Bill
  • If an agent tries to change the Billing Method to Mortgagee Billed and there is no mortgage company from the address book listed on the Additional Interest tab, PolicyCenter now will:
    • Prompt the agent to select a mortgage company from the address book or initiate a Request to Create a New Mortgage Company activity
    • Automatically change the Billing Method to Direct Bill

Save Draft Reminder

During a policy change or for a new-business submission, when an agent uploads and submits the required documents and removes a PFC or changes the Billing Method from Direct Bill to Mortgagee Bill, they must select Save Draft on the Payment screen to apply the change.


Log in to the Agents site, and select TrainingPolicyCenterServicing PoliciesPersonal for the following job aids:

For more information, log in to the Agents site and, from the website’s top menu, select SearchSearch Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and enter add mortgagee or change effective date into the search field.

Legal Disclaimer

Citizens provides agent communications online for historical purposes only, and the communications have not been updated to include any changes that may have been made after publication. Agents can find the latest information by reviewing the applicable underwriting manuals, and by logging in and accessing our FAQs, which are available from the top of any page on our website.