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PolicyCenter Billing Method and Payor Updates

octubre 23, 2015 - IE #035-15

Citizens is updating policies that were impacted by the duplicate mortgage company issue announced in IE #006-15, and the process could take several months. As Citizens updates these policies:

  • For policies where a mortgage company was listed as a direct-bill payor, Citizens will correct the Billing Method to Mortgagee Bill. The corrected information will appear in the Billing Method and Alt Billing Account fields on the policy’s Billing screen:

Figure 1: Billing screen

  • The following note will be added to impacted policies in PolicyCenter®:

Subject:   Mortgagee bill correction
Text:  Since the mortgagee was a direct bill payor, the billing method has been corrected to “Mortgagee Bill.” The “Billing” screen now displays the “Alt Billing Account” as <Account number (Account Name)>. (US19849)

  • Amended Declarations pages will be mailed. 

For details about payors on a policy, refer to the following job aids, which appear on the Training page:

  • Commercial lines: Adding or Updating a Mortgagee
  • Commercial lines: Adding a Premium Finance Company
  • Personal lines: Adding, Updating or Removing a Premium Finance Company as the Payor
  • Personal lines: Adding, Updating or Removing the Mortgagee or Payor
  • Personal lines: Adding or Updating a Payor to the Insured or a Third Party

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