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Commercial Lines Bulletin

Updates for PolicyCenter Contacts

julio 31, 2015 - IE #029-15

Citizens is updating the process for managing contacts and premium finance companies (PFCs) in PolicyCenter®. The major updates are outlined below. For more details, refer to the modules and job aids on the Training page on the Citizens website. Citizens has updated the following modules:

  • Commercial lines: New Account
  • Personal lines: Accounts in PolicyCenter: A printable version is available in Knowledge Base, Answer ID # 2230

Updates for PolicyCenter Contacts

  • A new Person or new Company contact now can be added from Create New Account without selecting from the address book:  

Figure 1: Create New Account options.

Note: The From Address Book option remains available to add an additional interest.

  • When creating a new Person or new Company contact, users no longer have to check for duplicates.

Figure 2: Create Account screen without the Check for Duplicates button

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